About me

     About me I expect and hope that you will enjoy browsing this website. I am very happy because all that I had imagined has come true. My parents helped make my dreams became a reality. My parents were the root of my inspiration because they inspired me to follow my passion and so I decided to start cake decorating. My family, which includes my husband, son and daughter, are the most important people in my life and they encouraged me to create this cake decorating business. Cake decorating was my favorite hobby and interest and so I decided that my career should be based on what I most enjoyed taking part in. Cake decorating needs patience and consumes a lot of time. Producing a pretty and tasty cake needs a great amount of skill and many creative ideas. The beautiful edible roses and other cake toppers will enhance the beauty of the cake furthermore. I will work with you to fulfill your wishes and desires for the perfect cake that you have envisioned. I ensure that my experience will help me make the cake that will embody and enhance the specialty of the event for which it is made. 
   As well, I have found to know various interesting things are cooking, crochet, gardening & living lifestyle by researching through the sites.I wish to be happy for myself and close to me.

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