Wednesday, August 13, 2014

50th Birthday Cake

 50th Birthday Cakes

Reach to the age of 50 have a special occasion is celebrate their milestone. On this 50th special Birthday, have their half a century of their lives.  Cake is a great centerpiece of a party table.  Cakes are most important part of the special festivities.  Sugar paste roses had to be made royal icing.

50th Birthday Cake

A long time ago, one of our friends celebrated her birthday, by her family for surprised. So I decided to make a cake for her birthday party.
     Three tiers are made of Styrofoam. I made a rich cake(fruit cake) for the cutting side. Covered with royal icing sugar flower roses are on top.

This cake for my husband's 50th Golden Birthday.

This cake for the special birthday for sister's birthday. Our relatives, and one of the sisters celebrated her daughter's 25th birthday, with the same day.
Two tier vanilla cake with almond flavoring butter cream filling.

Ajantha Cakes/50th Birthday Cakes
50th Birthday Cake

Ajantha Cakes/50th Bithday Cake
50th Birthday Cake

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