Monday, June 16, 2014

First Holy Communion Cakes

First Holy Communion Cakes

The two cakes below were made by me for each of my children for the day of their communion.  The blue cake was made for my son's communion and the pink was for my daughter's communion day.  I really enjoyed creating both of these cakes as it allowed for my creativity to be channeled into making the cakes.  Having three tiers for each of the cakes allowed for more sophistication and in doing so reflected the importance of the day for my children.  Both my children were very happy with the color theme for their cakes.  The roses were made with royal icing and a great amount of detail was put into creating them.  Thoughtful, intricate details including the beautiful silver dragees and golden leaves on my daughter's cake as well as the icing decorations on both cakes add to the overall beauty of the

First Holy Communion Cake

     In remembrance of the First time My son Haji who received the Holy Sacrament on 10th of May, 1998 in the Church of St.Fedelis Church By Rev.Fr.Papayas

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